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How To Add Music To ChatApp Status

How To Add Background Music To ChatApp Status


 How to Add  Music  ChatApp Status

Adding background music to ChatApp Status is a great way to express yourself and share moments from your life with your friends and family. With the right video and audio editing tools, you can easily add music, videos or photos for ChatApp Status.

What Is A ChatApp Status?

ChatApp Status, which tab is located in the app’s lower left corner, allow you to share content with your ChatApp friends that vanish after 24 hours, such as films, images, text, or GIFs. By selecting the “Status” option in the ChatApp app, you can modify your ChatApp Status or view the Statuses of your ChatApp contacts.

Who Can View Your Status

By default, anyone with your phone and your number can view your ChatApp status. This includes all of your contacts. You can control who can and cannot see your ChatApp status, thanks to privacy settings.

  1. Select “Privacy” from the Status tab.
  2. Select the people with whom you do not wish to share your Status using “My Contacts Except…” Your Status won’t appear in the Recent Updates list for anyone who has been chosen.
  3. You may choose specifically with who you want to share your Status by using the “Only Share With…” option. If you are not selected, you won’t appear on the list of recent updates for anyone.

How to Make a Video Status on ChatApp

  1. Go to the Status tab and tap the camera icon next to “My Status” to bring up a page where you can take a picture or start a video recording in the ChatApp app.
  2. Keep holding down the record button to record the video.
  3. Release the record button when finished. If the clip you capture is longer than 30 seconds, you must select a segment of exactly 30 seconds.
  4. To add emojis, stickers, and text, or to crop or draw on your video, use the icons on the top right.
  5. When you’re ready to share your video to your ChatApp Status, tap the button in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Make a ChatApp Video Status to Upload

You may choose to produce your ChatApp Status video outside of ChatApp. We also have a free app called Animoto: Social Video Editor. The app is made to produce videos for ChatApp Status Videos, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Stories. Remember that you must cut your movie length to 30 seconds.

Methods To Set Audio ChatApp Status On Android, iPhone


Set Audio ChatApp Status

The most popular method to set audio ChatApp status on Android and iPhone is to use the voice recording feature. This can be done by going to Settings, tapping on Voice, and choosing Record a Voice Clip. You will then have to record a message of up to 30 seconds and save it as an MP3 file.

Afterwards, you must go back into settings and choose Audio Status for ChatApp. You can select your saved MP3 file for your voice clip and set it as your audio status for the day.

Here are other methods to set audio on your ChatApp Status!

Use Instagram to Create and Post an Audio Status for ChatApp.

You may use Instagram to record your complete audio narrative and download it as a video file to post it as a new status update on your ChatApp account besides the in-app functionality.

Here’s how to accomplish the same thing.

  1. To start a new story, open the Instagram app and swipe to the left.
  2. Select your favourite pictures from the gallery on your device and click the Sticker symbol to add music.
  3. To add your favourite song to your photographs, select the duration you want for it and touch the Done button.
  4. Utilising free online resources, post this Story to your Instagram profile and download it. Your device will download your produced status as a video file. Alternatively, you can use an iOS device to directly store the Instagram story you’ve generated as a video file on your phone, complete with your favourite song. Record your Android device’s screen.
  5. This video file can now be added to your ChatApp profile as a new status update.

Utilise Free Third-Party Tools to Put Audio in ChatApp Status

You can use free third-party apps like the Audio Status Maker and photo video maker apps on Android and iPhones, respectively, besides Instagram, to create an audio status for ChatApp.

These tools provide a creative environment where you may combine your favourite photographs, texts, and music to make breathtaking ChatApp status movies.

Here’s how to accomplish it:

  1. Using Google Play Store, download the Audio Status Maker app for your Android smartphone. On your iPhone, you may also download the Photo Video Maker app to make audio status quickly.
  2. Launch the app. After that, tap the Gallery icon to add your preferred pictures to the workspace.
  3. To add text to the photographs you’ve chosen, hit the Text icon in the toolbar at the bottom.
  4. To add music, hit the Audio button in the bottom-left corner. By selecting the “Pick from Files” option, you can either select an existing song from the in-app selection or choose one that is already on your device.
  5. To confirm adding the audio or song to your drafted status, tap the Done button.
  6. By tapping on the Play button at the top, you may hear a preview of the complete audio file.
  7. To complete the audio status creation, tap the Share button. To share it as a brand-new ChatApp status update, tap the ChatApp icon.
  8. Using the iPhone’s Photo Video Maker app, you may get comparable outcomes.


Several video editing tools allow you to enhance ChatApp status videos by adding text, filters, and transitions.

Additionally, there are audio editing tools available that allow you to extract audio from a video file, cut out sections of an audio file, reverse an audio file, adjust the volume of an audio file, and more.

Using these tools makes it easy to create unique ChatApp Statuses with background music that will make your friends and family smile. Whether it’s a funny meme or a heartfelt message accompanied by your favourite song, adding background music to ChatApp Status will make it stand out from the rest.

So why not take advantage of these tools today and start creating amazing ChatApp statuses with background music?


Can we put audio as ChatApp status?

Yes, tap on the plus button to open up a dialogue, then select an action; Camera, Text, Voice. Select “Voice” to open up the new voice status screen. Tap on Record to start recording.

How do I put a song as my ChatApp status?

Go back to ChatApp > Status. Then tap the little Plus or Camera icon and hold the capture button—step 4. After recording, hit the Arrow button to add a song to your Status video.

Why can’t I add music to my post?

Adding music to your posts is currently only available in specific countries. That’s because ChatApp has to license the music for use in the app, and this hasn’t yet been possible in many countries.