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Archive ChatApp Messages

How to Archive ChatApp Messages

Archive ChatApp Messages

ChatApp is a messaging app with over 1 billion active users. It’s been around since 2013 and is one of the most popular mobile apps around. As well as messaging, ChatApp also offers voice calls and video calls.

If you want to keep your chat history for later, you can archive a chat by following these steps!

What Is Archiving in ChatApp?

Every day, people send billions of messages and images on ChatApp. This can result in a lot of clutter and difficulty finding the messages you need. Fortunately, ChatApp has a built-in archiving feature to keep your chats organised and free from clutter.

ChatApp’s archiving feature is one of the most underrated features in the app. It’s a great way to keep your conversations organised and free from clutter, especially for those who use ChatApp for work or personal business.

The archive feature was introduced in June 2017 and has been available on the latest versions of ChatApp since then. It allows you to delete messages from your chat list but still have them available on the app if you need them later.

The archived chats are still available to you if you need them, but they are hidden from your main chat list, so they don’t take up space or distract from more recent conversations.

How to archive a ChatApp chat on Android

1. Long Press A Specific Chat You Want To Archive

If you want to archive a ChatApp chat on your Android device, you will first need to long press on the chat you want to archive. After long pressing the chat, a menu will appear that allows you to archive the chat, delete it, or share it with others.

Archiving a chat will create a copy of the chat that can be accessed in the future. You can delete chats you no longer want by selecting “delete” from the menu options. Finally, if you want to share a chat with others, you can select “share” from the menu and provide the necessary information.

2. Tap The Archive Button

The archive button is located in the top right corner of the chat window, and it’s a little grey circle with a white arrow pointing to it. This button will delete the chat from your device, but it will still be available in your ChatApp account.

In the next step, open your chat and find the archive button. It looks like a three-line stack with an arrow pointing down. Tap it to start archiving your chat.

You can also use this feature to save meaningful conversations for later. For example, if you’re trying to remember what happened during a conversation but don’t have time to reread it all right now, tapping the archive button will save it for later.

And if something happens and you need to delete a chat immediately, just swipe left on it and hit “delete.” That’ll remove it from your chat history altogether.

3. New Archive Section Will Appear

ChatApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on the market today. With over 1 billion active users, it’s no surprise that ChatApp has amassed a lot of data over the years. Now, ChatApp is introducing a new archive section that will make it easier to keep track of your chats.

The archive section will appear as a process on your chat screen when you’re on Android. You’ll be able to access your archived chats by opening the “History” menu and selecting “Archive.” You’ll see your chat histories, including messages, media files, and calls.

This new archive feature is good news for people who want to keep track of their conversations. It will make it easier for you to find old messages, and it will also allow you to delete old chats if you want.

How to archive a ChatApp chat on iPhone

1. Slide From Right to Left the Conversation You Want To Archive Method

One of the most efficient features of iPhones is the ability to slide right to the left in conversations. This can be incredibly helpful when you want to archive a conversation or move it around on your screen.

To use this feature, simply hold down one of the chat participants and slide their chat box to the right or left. You can also use this feature to rearrange your chat list. Simply drag and drop messages between chat boxes if you need to reorganise them.

This is an excellent way to archive conversations or move them around on your screen.

2. The Archive Button Method

When you’re done using a chat app, it’s important to archive it. This is especially relevant if you’re using an iPhone, as the archive button is hidden by default. Here’s how to tap the archive button and archive a chat on your iPhone:

  1. First, open the chat app and start chatting with someone.
  2. Second, use one of the app’s buttons (like “reply all”) to send a message to everyone in the chat.
  3. Third, press and hold on to that message until all of the text in it becomes highlighted.
  4. Fourth, release the button and tap “archive” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Fifth, confirm that you want to archive this chat by tapping “yes.”
  6. Sixth, your chat will be archived, and you’ll no longer be able to access it.


Archive ChatApp Messages Method

In conclusion, it’s essential to archive any ChatApp chat in case you need to refer back to it in the future. Not only can this help you avoid potential embarrassment, but it can also protect your privacy.

So if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and need to refer back to a previous conversation, go ahead and archive it!


ChatApp archives chats, but what happens to them?

Archived chats are not deleted or backed up to your SD card. A newly-archived individual or group chat will also remain archived when a new message is received from it. Unless you are mentioned or replied to in archived chats, you will not receive notifications.

What is the best way to find my archived ChatApp messages?

You can scroll down to the bottom of the chats on ChatApp by opening it and scrolling down. In the ‘Archived’ section, you will see an archive option. You can view your archived chats by clicking here. You can now unarchive a chat by pressing the long press button on it and clicking the ‘Unarchive chat’ button at the top right.

How does archiving a chat affect its read status?

You can archive or delete conversations by touching and holding them. It is possible to read archived conversations even when they aren’t seen on the Home screen. All should be marked as read.