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What Does 2 Ticks On ChatApp Mean

What Do the Check Marks Mean In ChatApp?


Check Marks Mean In ChatApp

The blue checkmark icons indicate that your message has been read by the other party, while the single grey checkmark in ChatApp indicates that your message has been sent but has not yet been delivered. You have successfully sent your message to the other person’s phone, but they have not yet opened it. The other party will see two blue check marks below your message once they have opened the conversation and read it.

Despite ChatApp’s ability to connect multiple devices to your account, all communications are routed through your phone, which is the primary device for your account. You can update a person’s checks on their phone or computer, regardless of where you read the message.

There is a slight difference between these read receipts and those that appear in ChatApp group chats (conversations with three or more participants). Messages are marked with a grey double-check when they have been received by all members of your group. This changes to two blue checks once everyone has read the message.

It is even possible to see the exact time that your ChatApp message was read. You can see when each person received and opened a message in a group chat.

What Does Blue Tick Mean?

ChatApp messages are accompanied by a blue tick, which indicates that the recipient has viewed and received the message. You can see that the message has been read by the recipient after you have successfully sent it.

Consequently, once the grey ticks turn into blue ticks, you should expect a response from the recipient. If you want to read the message without telling the sender, you can disable the grey or blue ticks.

Why Do People Disable Blue Ticks On ChatApp?

It is a highly secure iOS, Android, and desktop computer app. Windows 10 and 11 support ChatApp, for example. To protect your messages and media files, the app uses end-to-end encryption.

You can secure your messages and media files with end-to-end encryption to ensure they cannot be decrypted by anyone. It is still common for people to want the grey or blue ticks disabled due to their concerns about their privacy.

There is good news! You can read messages without blue ticks while maintaining your privacy. The blue tick can be disabled if you no longer wish to read messages, do not wish to reply earlier, or read messages without responding.

How To Read ChatApp Messages Without Blue Ticks?


Read ChatApp Messages Without Blue Ticks

ChatApp messages can be read without blue ticks in several ways. However, some of them are unreliable and inefficient. Our goal in this section is to provide you with secure options for reading messages without letting the sender know. Here are the details without further ado.

1. Via AirDroid Personal

A comprehensive solution to manage your smartphone, AirDroid Personal can help you read ChatApp messages without a blue tick.

AirDroid Personal allows you to receive ChatApp messages without informing the sender if you have received or read them. SMS and other notifications are available in addition to ChatApp.

AirDroid Personal offers advanced features you might not expect from such a cutting-edge app. From your computer, you can transfer files, monitor cameras, mirror screens, and control a phone remotely.

2. Via Notification Bar

Are you interested in reading ChatApp messages without the blue tick? Here’s how you can read them from the notification bar. You will read the message from your phone’s notification bar rather than opening the message. By doing so, you will be able to prevent the blue tick from appearing.

Whenever you receive a ChatApp notification, unlock your smartphone. In order to read the message, expand the notification by scrolling down. In addition, you can see who sent the message.

If you accidentally click or tap the notification, ChatApp will open the message, and the grey ticks will become blue. The process must therefore be carried out carefully to avoid problems.

3. Via Airplane Mode

A blue tick is not displayed when using aeroplane mode when reading ChatApp messages. You can disable cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity on your smartphone, tablet, or PC by enabling this feature.

A good way to avoid blue ticks is to use aeroplane mode. The notification, however, is effective once you receive it. When aeroplane mode is turned on, you can’t send or receive texts, make calls, or browse the Internet.

When you receive a message on ChatApp, turn aeroplane mode on. By doing this, you will turn off your device’s mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to read messages on ChatApp.

4. Via Disabling the Read Receipts Option

ChatApp offers a read receipts feature by default. You can toggle the grey and blue ticks on and off. One grey tick indicates that the message has been sent successfully.

Double grey ticks indicate that the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s device. Messages are marked with a double-blue tick after they have been received and read. The read receipts can be turned off by following these steps:

  1. Go to Options and tap Settings
  2. Click or tap on Account
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Find the read receipts option
  5. Turn off the read receipts

This feature is unavailable for messages and media files shared in group chats. The blue ticks will appear even if you have disabled the read receipts option on ChatApp when someone sends you a voice message.

5. Use the ChatApp Pop-Ups

A popup notification appears on your smartphone, tablet, iOS device, desktop computer, browser, etc. Without opening the app, you can read the message quickly. Therefore, this is another suitable method for reading ChatApp messages without a blue tick. You can enable popup messages by following these steps.

  1. Go to your smartphone settings.
  2. Tap notifications and go to More Notifications Settings.
  3. Turn ON the notification on the screen
  4. Open ChatApp and tap in the upper right corner
  5. Now, click or tap settings and go to notifications
  6. Select Always Show Popup.

6. Get A ChatApp Widget

It is possible to read ChatApp messages without seeing a blue tick if you use a ChatApp gadget. Since the widget only needs to be added to your phone’s home screen, it’s the most straightforward method.

Messages can be read through the widget, but make sure you do not tap them. Otherwise, you can’t avoid the blue tick. Even deleted messages can be recovered using the widget.


The recipient will see two blue ticks on a ChatApp message once it has been read and delivered. An open chat window means that the recipient has seen what you sent them and opened your chat window.

The presence of two blue ticks in a group chat indicates that every member has seen your message. Remember, however, that ChatApp messages can still be viewed without opening the app on most iOS and Android devices. If a recipient reads your message without opening ChatApp, the blue ticks won’t appear.


What do two ticks on ChatApp mean but not blue?

According to Daily Express, one grey tick means a message has been successfully sent; two grey ticks show it has been delivered, and a blue tick means the message has been read.

Could someone have read your message in ChatApp if there were two grey ticks?

Two grey ticks on ChatApp mean that the message has been delivered to the recipient, but they haven’t yet read it. Messages will remain with two grey ticks if the user doesn’t open ChatApp to read the message you’ve sent to them.

Why do some people’s ChatApp ticks not turn blue?

If you don’t see two blue check marks, a blue microphone, or an “Opened” label next to your sent message or voice message: You or your recipient might have disabled read receipts in the privacy settings. The recipient might have blocked you.

Why do ChatApp ticks stay grey even when read?

This means the message has been successfully delivered to the recipient.