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How to Delete Contact From ChatApp

How to Delete a ChatApp Contact


How to Delete Contact From ChatApp

As we all know, whenever you add a contact to your phone, ChatApp also adds them to your contact list automatically. Imagine you had the phone number of your neighbourhood delivery guy saved. The delivery boy could see your profile picture, last seen, about, etc. if he saved your phone number.

You can change the privacy settings, but doing so will impact every person on your contact list. What do you then? How can you prevent these profiles from seeing your profile picture, about, last seen, etc.? Getting rid of ChatApp contact is your only option. But how does one do that, and what are the effects? The solution can be found right here. Let’s begin.

Delete ChatApp Contact

In ChatApp, there is no username structure. The numbers in your phone’s contacts or address book are connected to ChatApp contacts.

Let me be clear and say this without any sugarcoating. There isn’t a native feature in ChatApp that lets you remove friends or delete contacts. Therefore, you must remove the number from your phone’s contact list in order to remove the ChatApp contact.

It’s crucial to understand the consequences of the contact before we start the removal process.

What Happens When You Delete ChatApp Contact


Delete ChatApp Contact

You won’t be able to call or message the person directly because you’re removing the contact from your phone book. In order to manually contact them, type their phone number into other apps. Here’s how on Android and iPhone to do it after you’ve decided to remove the contact from your phone book.


Open the chat thread for the contact you want to delete in ChatApp. At the top, click the contact’s name. You’ll be directed to the individual’s profile page. Select View in the address book from the menu by tapping the three dots at the top of the screen.

The contact information will appear. Select Delete from the menu by clicking the three dots at the top of the screen. It will prompt you to confirm the deletion in a pop-up window. Tap on Delete.


Go to the contact you want to delete in ChatApp after it has opened. Next, tap the contact’s name at the top of the chat screen. Tap Edit on the Contact Info screen. The screen for editing contacts will then appear. Delete Contact can be tapped. Restart your phone after that.

Alternatively, you can find the contact in your Android or iPhone’s contacts app or address book and delete it there. Your ChatApp account will no longer have that contact. Follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting modes if it is still visible.

Deleted Contacts Still Showing up on ChatApp

There are three solutions if you correctly followed the above instructions but the contacts still appear in your ChatApp.

1. Refresh ChatApp Contacts on Android

The automatic contacts list refresh in ChatApp takes some time. On Android, you can perform it manually. Open ChatApp and click the floating compose or new chat button to do that. Tap the three-dot icon after that, and then choose Refresh from the menu. Search for the deleted contact after that. Hopefully, it won’t appear in ChatApp.

2. Delete Chat

When contacts are deleted from ChatApp, their previous chat history remains. Therefore, you must manually delete the chat if you can see it.

Tap and hold the chat thread in the chat list on Android to do this. then press the delete button up top. Swipe left on the chat thread on an iPhone and tap More. After that, click Delete chat.

3. Restart the Phone

Finally, restart your phone if the first two steps don’t work.

Does The Other Person Know When You Delete ChatApp Contact

ChatApp doesn’t let you notify the other party when you delete a contact or just a chat thread. They might become suspicious, though, if you delete the contact and your privacy settings for last seen, about, and status are set to Contacts only because these things suddenly vanish from their view.

Delete Blocked Contacts on ChatApp

We’re sorry to disappoint you if you thought blocked contacts might have special privileges, but there isn’t a separate delete button for them either. Delete the blocked contact from ChatApp from your phone book just like any other contact.

How to Recover Deleted ChatApp Contacts

You can recover deleted ChatApp contacts with the aid of a variety of excellent tools. The following is a list of some of the best smartphone tools for this purpose and possibly others:

Restoring the Gmail address book

You can restore deleted ChatApp contacts from an Android phone if Google contact synchronization is enabled on the device. To achieve this, take the following actions:

  1. First, locate Google in Android Settings.
  2. Select your Gmail address now, and then see if the Contacts tab is open or not. You can attempt to recover your deleted contacts if your smartphone syncs contacts with your Gmail account. You must do this by restoring your address book to its prior state.
  3. Connect to Google Contacts and log in using your account after that.
  4. Select “more” from the left sidebar, then select “changes” from the list of options below it.
  5. Select the date between one hour ago and one month ago in the box on the page to return the address book.
  6. Click the Confirm icon after that.

There you go! Your contacts will now be recovered if Google phonebook synchronization is enabled on your smartphone. You might need to wait a few minutes, though, before you can see the changes.

Restoring the iCloud address book

You can retrieve the contacts you deleted from ChatApp if you have an iPhone. You must ensure default enables that address book synchronization with iCloud for this. To restore the deleted ChatApp contacts on your iPhone, take the next steps:

  1. You must first determine whether it synchronises the address book on your iPhone with iCloud.
  2. To do this, open the iOS Settings menu, select your name from the list at the top, and select iCloud. The sync option is turned on if the toggle is present next to the Contacts option.
  3. Connect to the iCloud website after verifying the iCloud activation.
  4. Now sign in using your Apple ID and tap on your name to get started.
  5. Followed by, selecting iCloud Settings from the menu.
  6. Locate the address book backup by scrolling down to the Restore Contacts option on the page.
  7. Next, tap the entry marked “Restore.”

You must then wait a while for the changes to appear on your iPhone. Finally, you can use iCloud to recover or restore deleted ChatApp contacts.


A contract that you delete from your device is gone forever. Just like when you delete a contact from your email account, all your devices that are signed into that email account also permanently delete the contact. This might be useful when someone is bothering you and you want to delete them permanently from your contact.

Do you have any more concerns? Let us know!


How can I permanently delete a contact from ChatApp?

Go to Chats > Compose, tap the contact you want to delete, and then tap their name at the top of the chat screen. On iOS, tap Edit > Delete Contact. Tap three dots > View in address book > three dots > Delete on Android.

Why do I have deleted the contact but still shows on ChatApp?

One of the most common reasons deleted ChatApp contacts are still showing on the contact list is that users forget to refresh the list.

What happens when you delete a contact from ChatApp?

Deleting contacts will not remove their old chat thread from ChatApp. So if you still see the chat, you must delete it manually. To do so on Android, tap and hold the chat thread in the chat list. Then tap on the delete icon at the top.