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Lemcrm features

 We’re excited to share with you the amazing functionalities we’ve built into this app. Be sure to check out these features and to discover all the ways our tool can enhance your ChatApp experience.

Send Bulk Message

Are you tired of typing the same message over and over again to different people on ChatApp? Well, we have great news for you! Lemcrm now has a feature that allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts at once – it’s called bulk messaging.

With bulk messaging, you can save time and effort by sending a message to all your friends, family, or colleagues in one go. It’s perfect for sending out invitations, event reminders, or even just a simple greeting.

But wait, there’s more! You can also customise your message by adding personalised information such as the recipient’s name, location, or other details. This way, your message feels more personal and less like a generic mass message.

So what are you waiting for? Start using the bulk messaging feature on Lemcrm and make your life easier!

Did you know that you can start a chat on Lemcrm without even needing to make contact first? That’s right, with the “Send Message” feature, you can send a message to anyone on ChatApp, even if you don’t have their number saved in your contacts.

This feature is perfect for sending a quick message to someone you may have just met, or for reaching out to a business or organisation without needing to add them to your contacts first. Plus, it’s super easy to use and saves you the hassle of having to add a new contact for every person you want to chat with.

So why not give the “Send Message” feature a try and start chatting with anyone on Lemcrm, anytime, anywhere!

Start a Chat


Have you ever received a message on ChatApp that you couldn’t respond to right away, but didn’t want to forget about it either? Well, with the “Snooze” feature on Lemcrm, you can put a pause on a particular message until you need to see it again.

Once you’ve snoozed a message, it will disappear from your chat until the snooze timer expires. You can even snooze multiple messages at once, so you can focus on the messages that are most important to you at any given time.

This feature is magic for busy people who want to stay on top of their messages, but also need to prioritise their time. Whether you’re at work, in a meeting, or just need a break from your phone, the “Snooze” feature allows you to take a pause and come back to your messages when you’re ready.

So why not give the “Snooze” feature a try and take control of your ChatApp messages? It’s a simple and effective way to stay organised and keep your inbox clutter-free!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your ChatApp inbox looking for a specific conversation, only to get lost in a sea of messages? Well, with the “Tabs” feature, you can create a custom inbox and organise your chats in a way that works best for you.

Once you’ve created your custom inbox, you can switch between tabs to quickly access the chats you want to see. You can even customise the colour of each tab to make them more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

This feature is perfect for people who use ChatApp for both personal and work-related messages or for those who have a lot of group chats with different topics. Instead of having to scroll through your entire inbox to find a specific conversation, you can simply switch to the relevant tab and see all the chats related to that topic.

Once again, Lemcrm has proven that they have your back in helping you stay organised and find the conversations that matter most to you!

Tabs for custom ChatApp inbox


Have you ever had an important conversation on ChatApp, only to forget what was said later on? We’ve all had those days when our mind suddenly turns to mush, and we forget certain important things during the day. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Luckily, with the “Notes” feature in Lemcrm, you can take notes of important things within your ChatApp chats and never forget important information again.

This feature is perfect for people who use ChatApp for work-related messages or for those who frequently receive important information within their chats. Instead of having to remember everything, you can simply take a note and refer back to it later.

Plus, the “Notes” feature is completely private, so you can feel confident that your notes are safe and secure within your ChatApp account.

Do you ever receive an important message on ChatApp, but worry that you might forget about it later on? Well, with the “Create a Reminder” feature on Lemcrm, you can set a reminder and receive a notification right in your web app when it’s time to follow up.

And the best part? When the reminder time comes around, you’ll receive a notification right in your ChatApp web app. You won’t have to worry about setting a separate alarm or reminder, as everything is built right into ChatApp.

This feature is a saviour in grace for people who receive important messages throughout the day, but might not have time to respond right away. With the “Create a Reminder” feature, you can stay on top of your messages and never miss an important conversation again!

Set reminder

Share your conversation

Have you ever had an important conversation on ChatApp that you needed to share with someone else on your team? With the “Share Conversation” feature on Lemcrm, you can easily share a specific part of the conversation with anyone you choose.

People who work on team projects and need to share information quickly and efficiently will find this feature greatly beneficial. Instead of having to copy and paste messages into another chat, you can simply share the relevant part of the conversation with the click of a button.

The best part is that the conversation is shared as a quote, so your team members can easily see what was said without having to scroll through the entire chat.

So why not give the “Share Conversation” feature a try and streamline your team communication? It’s a simple and effective way to share important information and keep everyone on the same page!

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