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How to Fix Not Receiving Messages on ChatApp


How to Fix Not Receiving Messages


Are you getting frustrated with not receiving messages on ChatApp? One of the longest-running communication platforms, ChatApp has established itself in the market. Using ChatApp is a good choice if you want reliability.

However, this does not mean that you won’t encounter issues on the app at some point. The platform has over a billion users, so if the number of requests gets out of control, the servers could go down‌. Not receiving messages on ChatApp is one of the most common issues.

Here’s what you should do when this happens to you. Let’s begin!

Top 9 Ways to Fix ChatApp Not Receiving Messages

Missing important text messages can be frustrating when ChatApp is not receiving messages. You can fix ChatApp not receiving messages by following the steps below before reinstalling the app.

Let’s start by enabling Airplane mode on your phone, leaving it on for 60 seconds, and then disabling it. You may be able to fix ChatApp not receiving messages by doing this. Check out the troubleshooting tricks below if you’re still having problems. We will discuss both the Android and iPhone ChatApp apps. Platform mentions will be included wherever necessary.

1. Enable Background App Refresh (iPhone)

Individual apps can be selectively disabled from background refresh on the iPhone. Until the app is reopened, you will not receive new messages if the option is disabled.

  1. Start by opening the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Click ChatApp on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. You can enable the Background App Refresh toggle from the following menu by opening ChatApp.

2. Enable Mobile Data for ChatApp (iPhone)

ChatApp can consume a lot of data when you enable auto-downloading for incoming media. To avoid Toon, you may have disabled the Mobile Data toggle for ChatApp to save the data. Now is the time to enable it again.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and open ChatApp.
  2. Turn on Mobile Data, and you’ll receive new messages without Wi-Fi.

3. Make Sure You Aren’t Blocked

Is there anyone with whom you spat over a ChatApp conversation? You might have been blocked by them. The chat won’t let you see their profile picture, you won’t receive or send messages, and you won’t see their profile picture.

4. Unmute Conversation

ChatApp offers the option to mute a conversation for 8 hours, one week, or forever. Because of constant notifications or unnecessary messages, you might have muted a conversation. In such a case, you won’t receive notifications from muted conversations.

Open ChatApp and find the conversation in which you’re not receiving notifications. Select the profile name from the top of the conversation and open it. From the following menu, you can unmute the conversation.

5. Disable Focus Mode (iPhone)

iPhone, iPad and Mac users now have the option of switching to Focus mode instead of Do Not Disturb in iOS 15. Automatically enabling Focus is also possible. You need to disable Focus from the Control Center menu on your iPhone if you’re using it.

Would you like to stay distracted-free on your iPhone with Focus? ChatApp can be added as an exception so you can continue to receive messages even when Focus is on.

  1. Start by opening the iPhone Settings app.
  2. Navigate to the Focus menu.
  3. From the Allowed Notifications menu, select the Focus mode you want to customise.
  4. Adding ChatApp as an exception will enable you to receive messages from ChatApp when using Focus.

6. Lock ChatApp in Background (Android)

On their devices, Chinese OEMs such as Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Vivo use aggressive RAM management. During this process, apps will be completely killed in the background to save battery life on the phone. The process might cause you not to receive ChatApp messages.

Most Android skins allow you to lock essential apps in the background, such as ChatApp. The multitasking menu offers the option of locking ChatApp in the background. As expected, ChatApp services will not be killed in the background, and you will continue to receive new messages.

7. Close ChatApp on Other Devices

The ChatApp app offers excellent multi-device support for receiving messages on up to four devices simultaneously. You will continue to receive new messages on PCs and Macs if you have connected ChatApp to them and it is currently in session. If you use ChatApp on a mobile device, you will notice a delay in receiving messages.

8. Unarchive ChatApp Chats

Have you archived any ChatApp conversations in the app? When you archive a conversation, ChatApp considers it spam, and new messages won’t appear on the home screen until the conversation is unarchived.

  1. Open ChatApp on your phone first.
  2. Go to the Archived menu at the top of the page.
  3. To unarchive a conversation, swipe left on it and tap Unarchive.

Messages from the conversation should now be arriving in your inbox.

9. Check ChatApp Status

It’s time to check your ChatApp service status if you’re still experiencing issues receiving messages from ChatApp. Downdetector can help you determine whether ChatApp is experiencing an outage.

Messages cannot be sent or received; media cannot be downloaded. Calls cannot be connected, etc., if downtime graphs are high. It will take ChatApp some time to rectify the issue, so you cannot receive new messages until they do so.


Notifications are messages displayed outside your app’s UI to give users reminders, communication from others, or other timely information. Users can open your app directly from the notification or take direct action.

ChatApp notifications can be important, especially for businesses and emergencies. In an emergency, ChatApp messages can be sent to customers, employees and partners. It can be useful for sending out notifications of important events and critical information.


Why are my ChatApp messages not notifying me?

ChatApp messages are sent to the phone without any notification. This is a problem because it can be a waste of time to send these messages on ChatApp when you are busy and don’t want to be notified. There is a function in both Android and iOS phones that allows users to turn off notifications. The reason you are not receiving ChatApp notifications could be that you have turned off the notifications so that you only receive messages when you open the app.

Does ChatApp have pop-up notifications?

We are all familiar with the ChatApp notification pop-up. But there is a reason behind it. The pop-up is created by the app developer and not by ChatApp itself. A new feature called ‘ChatApp Smart Notifications’ will allow you to get notified when your friends send you a message or a group chat starts. It’ll even show you a preview of what’s going on in the conversation before it goes live!

Why am I not receiving messages on ChatApp?

ChatApp messages aren’t going through if your phone is connected to the Internet. You may need to restart your phone or turn it off and on again. It appears that the person you are messaging has blocked your number.