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Last Seen On ChatApp

Guide 101: Last Seen Status on ChatApp


Last seen status is a feature that allows you to know when your contact has been online in the last 24 hours. This feature is available to all ChatApp users who have used the app for at least a month. The last seen status can be accessed by tapping on the three dots in the top-right corner of a chat screen.

The last seen status will appear either “online now” or “last seen”. If someone were online, it would show up as “online now”. If they were offline, it would appear “last seen”. The last seen status on ChatApp is a feature not well understood by many ChatApp users. This article will help you understand what it means for your privacy and security.

What does’ last seen’ mean on ChatApp?

In a one-to-one ChatApp conversation, you might see a message on the screen that reads, “Last seen at.” This notification lets you know when the person you’re conversing with last signed into ChatApp. It will tell you when they last used ChatApp if they haven’t logged in the past day. It will give you the completion date if it has been longer.

If it just says Online, it signifies the person is currently logged into ChatApp. If it says typing, they are writing you a message. While this tool is practical for monitoring your acquaintances, it may also contain more details than you feel comfortable disclosing. You can disable your personal “last seen” status if such is the case.

How to turn off ‘last seen on ChatApp

The people who can view your “last seen” status can be modified using these settings. Remember that if you remove your personal “last seen” status, you also lose access to other users’ statuses. To see anyone else’s status, you must disclose your own.

  1. Open ChatApp, and click Settings in the top-right corner (iPhone) or the three horizontal dots in the bottom-right corner (Android).
  2. After selecting Account, tap Privacy.
  3. Choose the Everyone, My Contacts, or Nobody option under the Last Seen section to control who can see your status.

How to hide ‘last seen on ChatApp

There are many ways to hide your ChatApp status, but some are considered less creative and blunter. Some people use a fake account to send messages to the person they want to ask out. Some people also use fake accounts to send messages to someone else. This method is not recommended because it can lead to misunderstandings.

Some people write a text message on their Facebook page instead of sending it to ChatApp messenger. This method is also not recommended because it could get you in trouble with your friends, who might think that you’re trying too hard or that you’re desperate for attention.

The last-seen feature on your phone is a good way to know when someone has been in touch with you. However, it can also be a nuisance, especially when you have no idea who the person is.

To turn off the last-seen feature on your devices, follow these steps:

How to Turn Last Seen On or Off on iPhone

On an iPhone, disabling the last-seen feature is simple. Here’s a simple tutorial for turning this setting on and off.

  1. At the bottom of the screen of ChatApp on your iPhone, touch the Settings symbol.
  2. Tap Account > Privacy in Settings.
  3. To disable Last Seen, hit Last Seen in the Privacy settings, then select Nobody as your Last Seen setting. This implies that no one will be able to see the time you were last seen. You can select Everyone or My Contacts to enable the ability to let others know when you were last online.

How to Turn Off/On Last Seen on Android

On Android, disabling the last seen setting is likewise simple. Here’s a simple tutorial for turning this setting on and off.

  1. To reach the menu, open ChatApp on your Android device and hit the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select Settings from the menu, then select Account.
  3. Hit Privacy, then tap Last seen from the Account screen. Choose Nobody as your Last Seen option next. This implies that no one will be able to see the time you were last seen. As an alternative, you can enable the feature by selecting Everyone or My Contacts if Last Seen is set to Nobody, but you want people to be able to see your status.

How to hide your last seen status (desktop)

  1. Go to the Settings area to conceal your last seen status on the desktop. Go there and select Privacy.
  2. Click Last seen under the Privacy heading.
  3. Choose from Everyone, My contacts, or Nobody to display your last seen status.

Why can I not see Last Seen on ChatApp?

How to Check Someone’s Last Seen on ChatApp

Entering someone’s profile will let you know when they were last seen. The last seen time will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when you tap on the name of the person whose profile you wish to read and choose “last seen.”

The last seen time of a new contract won’t be visible when you initially begin a conversation with them. But after a few minutes of talking to them, the last seen time ought to show up on its own. If not, try tapping their name again; it could then appear.

Why Is Someone’s Last Seen on ChatApp Not Showing

You might occasionally find that someone’s last seen time has vanished. How come? There might be several causes. Let’s look at a few of the most typical ones:

  • The “last seen” information has been hidden in the other person’s privacy settings.
  • Your privacy settings are set to conceal “last seen.”
  • You have been blocked.


That’s it! You eventually realise that the last seen and online features let you know when your contacts last used ChatApp or whether they are currently online. If a contact is online, their smartphone has ChatApp open in the foreground, and they are online. The contact may not read your message, though.

The days of ignoring a message after seeing it and claiming that it was never delivered or that you just missed it are long gone. These days, it is harder to slink out of commitments because if someone sends you a ChatApp message, they can track when you read it and when you are available to reply.


Can I fake my last seen on ChatApp?

The official ChatApp app does not have this feature. Google “fake last seen ChatApp,” though, and you’ll find a link to an Android program that calls itself a “modified version of ChatApp,” and it appears that using this, you can fake the last seen status.

We cannot advise you to use this software, however, as it is not available through the Play Store and is only available as an APK download on a file-sharing website. You do it at your own risk if you choose to use it.

Is there any way to disable my last-seen status but still see other people’s statuses?

No. You can no longer view other people if the feature that prevents others from viewing your last-seen status is enabled. It is just right!

How do I know if someone has viewed my last seen on ChatApp?

Your privacy settings must be adjusted to allow others to see your status and know when someone last used ChatApp. Your last-seen time must be visible to your contacts to view someone else’s. Go to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen and double-check your personal Last Seen settings.