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Bring order to your
Customer Communication on ChatApp

Lose track of your work chats in your ChatApp inbox? Try the Lemcrm Extension. Prioritise chats. Reduce clutter. Never miss a follow-up

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Don’t take our word, look

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Your ChatApp inbox is
going out of control

Customers, colleagues, vendors, plus friends and family all clutter your ChatApp inbox. You need to keep things in order on ChatApp  as you scale your business.

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A better and faster way to manage customers than a CRM

CRM busywork slows you down. It forces you to spend more time entering data into another system.

Supercharge your ChatApp
for work

ChatApp is built for personal use. Yet, your business relies on it. Mute, Pin, etc aren’t enough for you.

We combine everything from tabs, search, and sales processes in one simple and intuitive workspace—right within ChatApp .

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Take Control of your ChatApp chats

It’s easy to lose track of conversations. Use Unread, Awaiting Reply, Needs Reply tabs to find a chat thread much faster
and never miss a message again!
A screenshot of a chat window on a computer screen with the Lemcrm Extension installed.

Frequently Asked Questions

LemCrm is an extension you can download onto your device that helps simplify, organise, and modernise your work with ChatApp and Telegram. This tool enables you to see what’s going on with your sales teams and boost their inbox productivity significantly.

LemCrm is an excellent extension tool that simplifies the way you work on ChatApp and Telegram. It classifies your messages automatically and splits them into separate tabs for added organisation. The extension also provides visibility for companies. We want to make the experience with LemCrm as easy as possible, and, as such, this extension tool requires zero set-up time! It is also customisable to your liking. For example, if you want to add, remove or rename tabs, you can definitely do that too!

As of now, our system supports subscription purchases made with debit or credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc. As soon as other modes of payment are added, we’ll let you know!

Yes, you do. You need to create an account with your email to enjoy the benefits of LemCrm fully.

All you have to do is download the app as an extension and enable it. It will automatically be integrated into your desktop ChatApp. Once done, you will receive short instructions on navigating the app, and from there, you will be good to go.

 Yes it will be delivered and the message will be visible on the recipient’s ChatApp.

 It can be used with the same number, if you login with the same number on different numbers than it will work.

We do offer a Team plan and it is available within our app on the top right dropdown.

 Yes of course you can and the uploading will be done using CSV.

No specific limit but ChatApp doesn’t allow sending 40 – 50 people/day and should be avoided to prevent your account from getting banned.

Yes you can personalise bulk and broadcast message using First Name, and Phone Number.

 No it is not recommended for the user to change the mobile number or buy a new plan for individual mobile number.

We are soon planning to introduce chatbots to our App.

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We design and build with privacy at heart.

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will never sell your data or keep it hostage. We do not store your conversation data by default. Think of Lemcrm Extension as a UI layer on top of ChatApp.