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Pricing and Features

Lemcrm – tailored to your needs.


$60 $49/annually
  • Save 18.33% annually
    or $5 monthly


$108 $89/annually
  • Save 17.59% annually
    or $9 monthly

Features Breakdown




Default system tabs – Pre-built tabs that auto-update such as Unread, Groups, 1:1 Chats, Mentions

Custom tabs – Create personalised tabs according to your workflow

Create a reminder – Need to remember something important, set a reminder and we will send a notification right to your web app

Create an Event – Set up an event- whether its a call or reminder here and get a Google Meet link ready to be shared.

Share Conversation – Need to involve someone on your team? Share the desired part of the conversation with them with ease

Notes – Take notes of important things within the ChatApp chats

Snooze – Put a pause on a particular message until you need to see it again

Send Bulk Message –  Use “Send bulk message” to write your message and broadcast it to all the people individually

Start a Chat – Send a new message without needing to make a contact or anything else first

Schedule a Message – Schedule a message to be sent to anyone at a particular time so you don’t miss out any important messages

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