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Sort your chats into tabs on ChatApp. Find the chat thread you want faster, and never miss a message again!
Introducing Lemcrm – Redefining Your ChatApp Experience

Discover Lemcrm, the revolutionary ChatApp integration that takes your business conversations to unprecedented heights. If your customer-facing teams rely on ChatApp and HubSpot, Lemcrm is your ultimate solution. It seamlessly bridges the gap between ChatApp and HubSpot, optimizing your workflow and boosting productivity.

Tailored for teams using individual ChatApp numbers and HubSpot, Lemcrm is a game-changer across various industries, including sales, consulting, real estate, education, automotive, financial services, and more.

Unlock the Power of Lemcrm:

🚀 Streamlined Communication at Scale:
Empower your team with unparalleled organization and automation on ChatApp. Lemcrm enables you to:

🌟 Communicate at Scale: Easily broadcast messages to multiple chats simultaneously, employ message templates for quick responses, and efficiently manage a vast number of contacts. Even initiate a chat with unsaved numbers, expanding your customer reach through automation.

🌟 Inbox Productivity: Attain the coveted Inbox Zero with features like Close, Snooze, and Archive chats. Seamlessly sort chats into customizable tabs, constructing personalized workflows and message sequences. Lemcrm ensures you never miss a customer message or get lost in a cluttered inbox.

Discover the Outstanding Features:


Unlike other ChatApp Chrome extensions such as WA Web Plus for ChatApp™, WhatsWeb, WAToolkit, Promote Route, and Eazybe, Lemcrm focuses on three core pillars of product value: CRM Syncing, Inbox Productivity, and Communication at Scale, offering a wide range of features, such as:

🌟 CRM Syncing:
ChatApp CRM Syncing: Effortlessly synchronize conversational data from ChatApp to HubSpot and beyond.
CRM Contact Cards: Instantly access and modify CRM contact information directly within ChatApp.

🌟 Inbox Productivity:
System Tabs: Utilize pre-built tabs that dynamically update based on message status, including Unread, Needs Reply, Groups, and Awaiting Reply.
Custom Tabs: Create specialized tabs tailored to your specific needs.
Share Live Chat: Share live ChatApp conversations through unique links, ensuring real-time updates for all parties involved.
ChatApp Notes: Generate notes for specific chats to maintain essential information.
ChatApp Reminders: Set reminders for specific chats, ensuring you never miss a crucial follow-up.
Schedule Events: Seamlessly connect with your Google Calendar to schedule events directly within ChatApp.

🌟 Communication at Scale:
Start a Chat with Unsaved Numbers: Reach out to unsaved numbers on ChatApp straight from your desktop.
Contact Management: Effortlessly export and import contacts with just a few clicks.
Broadcasting: Send messages to multiple chats simultaneously without the need for pre-approved templates or additional surcharges.
Message Templates: Send pre-written templates with a single click, eliminating the hassle of pre-approval.
Experience Lemcrm today, the game-changing ChatApp integration that sets a new standard for seamless customer interactions and unparalleled productivity. Elevate your business communication and unlock the true potential of ChatApp and HubSpot with Lemcrm!




Lemcrm is built on a foundation of 100% privacy assurance 💯. We do not gather your chat data or any personal information, nor do we ever share or sell your data to third-party companies. As a U.K.-based company, Lemcrm strictly adheres to U.K. laws and regulations.

The permissions requested during Lemcrm’s installation on Google Chrome may raise concerns, but they are solely essential for specific extension functionalities:

Read and change your data on lemapp.co and web.ChatApp.com: These permissions are necessary for adding tabs to ChatApp Web, offering an enhanced experience. However, please be assured that we never collect any chat or contact data from your ChatApp.

Read your browsing history: While it may sound alarming, this permission is exclusively required for Lemcrm’s convenient One-Click to ChatApp Web (WAW) feature. Rest assured, we do not access or collect your browsing history at any point. This permission is strictly limited to knowing the tabs open in your browser, as indicated in the Chrome Developer Guide.




Should you have any concerns or wish to provide feedback, kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected].




ChatApp is a registered trademark of ChatApp Inc., acknowledged in the U.S. and other countries. Lemcrm is an independent product developed by Pearl Lemon Inc., with no affiliation to ChatApp, ChatApp Inc., or Facebook Inc. It is not an official ChatApp or Facebook product.

Experience the confidence of privacy with Lemcrm – your trusted ChatApp integration that prioritizes your data security and privacy above all else.