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How To Set Up ChatApp For Business?


Set Up ChatApp For Business

Are you planning to use ChatApp Business? Do you know how to set up ChatApp for business?

There are 4 billion smartphone users on the planet. 2 billion of these individuals use ChatApp, and 68% feel it’s the best method to interact with businesses.

ChatApp Business was designed with the sole purpose of benefiting small businesses. It can assist you in establishing relationships with your consumers and providing them with prompt, personalised service.

This platform enables you to carry out all the activities outlined above, including engaging with clients and selling your product or service.

This is enormously helpful for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large establishments. As a result, businesses may communicate with and interact with their consumers instantaneously.

This article will explain how you can set up ChatApp for business. Let’s get started;

What is ChatApp Business?

ChatApp Business is a free download created to assist small companies in communicating with their clients more effectively and securely.

These include the creation of a catalogue to promote the company’s products and services, the creation of message templates to facilitate communication with customers, and the automation of messaging.

ChatApp Business accounts are classified into two types:

  • A company’s official account
  • A business account (regularly)

The “official business account” status is available through the ChatApp Business API, whereas the “business account” status is available to firms who utilise the free ChatApp Business app.

How to create and set up a ChatApp business account?

Setting up a ChatApp business account has straightforward procedures.

Before you can set up a ChatApp Business, you’ll need an Android or iOS smartphone (obviously) and a new number. As ChatApp does not allow the same number to be used for both ChatApp Messenger and ChatApp Business, a new number.

However, if you wish to utilise your ChatApp messenger number with the ChatApp business app, you may do so by transferring the number.

Step 1: Install the ChatApp Business App on your smartphone.

First, download and install the ChatApp Business app from the Google Play Store (or the Apple App Store). The app’s logo is almost identical to ChatApp’s distinctive green symbol, but with the letter “B” encased in a speech bubble.

After downloading and installing the application, open and run it; the first thing you’ll need to do is agree to the terms and conditions of the service. If you’d want to read it before installing the app, it is also available on ChatApp’s website.

Step 2: Register a ChatApp Business Account

Next, you’ll need to create a ChatApp Business account.

If you already have a personal ChatApp account, at this point, you’ll be asked if you would like to use your personal ChatApp number as your business number or register a new number.

Even though the ChatApp Business app can be used concurrently with the regular ChatApp app, we do not recommend using your number as your business number because it can only be used for one of the two.

In other words, choosing to use your personal ChatApp number for your business means losing it for your personal use. If you want to register a new number for your business, select “use a different number.”

You’ll be asked to enter the number you would like associated with your business.

After entering the new number, ChatApp will send a six-digit verification to your indicated number. If the number is correct, the app should detect the code automatically. Otherwise, you can enter the code yourself manually.


ChatApp Business Account


Step 3: Create a Business Profile on ChatApp

Once you’ve established a new business number or moved data from your personal ChatApp account to your ChatApp Business account, you’ll have an official ChatApp Business account.

No account, however, is complete without information regarding the characteristics of the business.

Thus, the following step is to establish a ChatApp business profile. To finish your profile, the app will invite you to provide a company image, a display name, a description, and an address.

Always keep in mind that it is preferable to communicate excessively than to communicate insufficiently. Additionally, no buyer has ever expressed dissatisfaction with an abundance of information.

Therefore, we encourage you to complete all these areas to offer as much information as possible. Additionally, you may categorise your business, and ChatApp provides several alternatives.

After that, you could begin exploring the app’s business options, which include managing company hours and information, adding a product catalogue, and setting up automatic answers to client enquiries. Or you can skip that for later.

In any case, you’ve created a ChatApp Business account and profile successfully!

Following this procedure, you can get started with your ChatApp business profile. You can do a few more simple setups to be more productive.

Set up the messenger automation

ChatApp Business App has capabilities that are not available in the standard ChatApp that we all know and enjoy. It has messaging automation that will help you communicate more efficiently and effectively.

The ChatApp Greeting message greets your consumers when they send their first message, so create a template that extends a warm welcome.

The ChatApp Away message automatically notifies your clients that you will be unavailable during the period during which they have contacted you. You may create a template that informs them when you will contact them.

ChatApp Quick responses are pre-written messages that you may use to communicate with consumers. They will assist you in responding swiftly to frequently asked queries.

If you plan to use ChatApp web, there are extensions and tools available. These tools can help you very much. As shown in these pictures, you can set up each messaging option as you need.


What is the difference between a ChatApp personal account and a ChatApp Business account?

ChatApp Business enables you to establish a profile customised to your business’s goods and services. ChatApp Business offers extra functionality compared to standard ChatApp, which limits users to a profile photo, name, and description.

Can we use ChatApp Business and ChatApp same number?

You can use both the ChatApp Business app and ChatApp Messenger simultaneously if the accounts are linked to different phone numbers. It’s not possible to have one phone number linked to both apps simultaneously.


Once you have followed all of the steps described in this article, you can take a deep breath and relax. You’ve Set Up ChatApp For Business.

Now that you know how to make a ChatApp Business account, we wish you success in communicating with customers on the world’s most popular messenger app.