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How To Set Up ChatApp Business

Set Up ChatApp Business

What is ChatApp business?

ChatApp is a messaging app that was launched in 2009 by Facebook. The app has been used by over 600 million people around the world. ChatApp has become a global platform for communication and social networking. It is used by people from all over the world, and it is one of the most popular apps in the world today. With ChatApp business, you can create an account, send messages and connect with your customers or clients through this app. This application has several features that make it very popular:

The business version of ChatApp is free for businesses. The free version allows users to send a maximum of 200 messages per month and has around a 10MB storage limit. It also allows users to send unlimited photos, videos, stickers, and other files.

ChatApp Business features and how to use them

ChatApp Business is a messaging app that allows users to send and receive messages. It is the most used app in the world, so it’s worth mentioning that ChatApp Business has many features that are quite popular among users. Although this app is a little old, Google Play has recently added a new feature to make the ChatApp Business look good. If you are a business owner, then this app is the best application you can use to attract more clients and businesses. The app features interesting perks like personal messaging, pinning, and a review function that you can use to support your business. You can also use this application to manage the customer database. The company has just launched a new set of emoji face designs in their Android app for the popular messaging service. You can now see that ChatApp looks very classy this time in the new emoji face designs.

Steps to create a ChatApp Business Account

1. Smartphone and new number

You will need a smartphone (Android or iOS) and a new number before setting up a ChatApp Business because ChatApp doesn’t allow ChatApp Messenger and ChatApp Business to have the same number. But if you want to continue using the same number for both Messenger Business, you can do so by switching over.

ChatApp Business Account

2. Download ChatApp Business App

Now, if you have a smartphone and a new number, you can download it on your respective gadgets; for IOS users, you can find it on App Store, and for Android users, you can download it on Google Play Store. Be mindful that there is a separate application for ChatApp Business.

3. Agree to Terms of Service and Press Continue

In this section, you will see ChatApp Business terms of service. After reading, you should click ‘Accept and Continue if you wish to continue using the app.

4. Make a ChatApp Business Account

Creating a ChatApp Business Account can be done in one of two methods. You can use your existing number and make it into one for business needs, or you can get a new number just for ChatApp Business. We advise using a different number. Then you’ll be asked to choose the phone number you want to use to register for a ChatApp Business account: an existing default phone number or a different one. One number only can be used for a ChatApp Business Account.

5. Verify ChatApp Business Phone Number

Enter the phone number you want to link to your ChatApp Business account with. Your account can be verified using SMS text or phone calls. If you choose SMS text, a six-digit number will be issued through SMS. You will manually enter the code, or the system will automatically input it.

6. Grant Permissions for ChatApp Business to Access Files

You must grant ChatApp Business access to your contacts and media files to continue using. This will facilitate easier communication with your clients.

7. Setup ChatApp Business Profile

After accomplishing the steps mentioned above, it is time to set up your business profile!

Business Category

You may describe or specify your firm’s industry by using the category field in your ChatApp Business profile. We advise selecting an option related to what your firm sells from the list of industries available in the ChatApp Business App.

Business Description

Your business description should explain how your company helps customers and where it fits in the market to readers like creditors, entrepreneurs, potential partners, and even workers. Customers should have a grasp of your company’s mission and operations from your business description together with your business name.

Hours of Operation

Business hours are the windows through which the business is perceived. It is important to set the business hours so that customers can know when they can reach you using ChatApp Chatbot or when they can expect a response from you.

Location or Business Address

It is time to set up the location so the consumers or clients can know where they can reach you. The locations with the highest visibility and client convenience are ideal for any business. Business owners must also consider the neighbourhood’s demographics when picking a location.

Contact Information

And lastly, your contact information. Aside from the ChatApp Business contact, it is also important for business owners to set up their contact information. They can, for example, set their contacts in different social media networking sites like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and Email.

Set Up ChatApp Business


ChatApp Business is a leading mobile-based messaging service for businesses. It has been designed specifically for business communication and is highly compatible with its proprietary platform, ChatApp. It provides the same features, such as sending, receiving, chatting, and file sharing, with business partners – even if they are not on the same network. Here are some takeaways on why business owners should use ChatApp Business.

  • ChatApp will give you the broadest reach if you want to communicate with as many people as possible and help business owners with customer support.
  • You may respond to client questions more quickly by using business tools like automatic messages, quick replies, and greeting messages in ChatApp Business.
  • If you are a small business owner, you can work from a desktop computer or while travelling using the app.
  • ChatApp messages are a logical choice for rapid updates that might increase site traffic and purchases because they are less formal and quicker to reach than email.


Can I have two ChatApp accounts on one phone?

Two ChatApp accounts can be used On a single Android smartphone. The same phone can be used to access two different ChatApp accounts.

Can multiple users log in to one ChatApp for a business account on multiple devices?

You may connect up to 10 devices with ChatApp Business Premium, allowing you and your staff to respond to client inquiries quickly. Even individual agents can be given talks.

What is the difference between ChatApp and ChatApp Business accounts?

ChatApp Business account is a more advanced version of the regular ChatApp app account. It has special features like messaging, voice calling, video calling, and group chats. ChatApp Business accounts can be used by companies with a large number of employees or by large enterprises that need to communicate with their employees on a regular basis.