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Blocked You on ChatApp

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You on ChatApp


Block Someone on ChatApp

You can block someone on ChatApp if they are being too annoying or rude to you. It is a good idea to block someone constantly bothering you and not letting you be. However, it is important to know that blocking someone on ChatApp does not mean they cannot contact you.

If someone has blocked you, they cannot see your messages and calls until the block expires. You can also report them for harassment or abuse if they are rude or harassing with their messages.

What Does Being Blocked On ChatApp Mean?

ChatApp is a popular messaging app that allows its users to send messages and share photos and videos. Its users can also use the app to make phone and video calls.

If you ever feel like you are blocked on ChatApp, it means that your contact has removed you from their contact list. This happens when one of your contacts deletes you from their list or blocks you on ChatApp.

When you are blocked on ChatApp, you have been removed from the contacts list. This is usually done by someone who doesn’t want to be contacted by you and is not interested in talking to you.

Being blocked on ChatApp can also mean your messages are not reaching the recipient. The person might be busy or not online at that time. If this happens, try sending a message again later when they’re free and check their status after a few hours.

This article talks about the different reasons someone might block someone on ChatApp. It also outlines how people can unblock themselves if they are blocked by someone else or deleted by a contact.

5 Ways to Tell If Someone Blocked You on ChatApp

You might think someone blocked you on ChatApp because they don’t want to talk to you anymore. But there are many other reasons someone might block you on ChatApp.

Here are five ways to tell if someone blocked you on ChatApp:

You can’t see a contact’s ‘last-seen status

The first thing to do is to check the “last seen” status of the user. When the user opens ChatApp, you will receive this message, which tells you when they last used the app. In the absence of one, you may have been blocked – although the user might have just disabled the feature.

You don’t see a contact’s new profile picture.

You won’t see the new profile picture if someone blocks you after changing their profile picture – you’ll always see the image when you were blocked.

As a result, it’s impossible to tell if they’re updating their profile picture. Nonetheless, if this contact has been updating their picture often and has suddenly stopped, it could be a sign that you have been blocked.

Your messages only show one checkmark.

ChatApp uses checkmark symbols to track your messages. A checkmark symbol next to your message shows it has been sent, whereas two checkmarks indicate it has been received.

The second checkmark will never appear when you message someone who has blocked you. There’s a good chance you’re blocked if your message never gets delivered, even when you’re connected to the internet.

Your calls will fail.

Additionally, you won’t be able to call anyone who has blocked you. You cannot make the call when you try.

You can’t add the contact to a ChatApp group.

Last but not least, try adding the contact to a ChatApp group. A message telling you they aren’t permitted to be in your group is the most obvious sign you have been blocked.

What it looks like when you’re not blocked on ChatApp

If someone is blocked on ChatApp, they won’t be able to send or read messages from others who have been blocked by them. When you’re not blocked, you can see the last message sent by your friend or family member. You can also view all the messages in the chat and respond to them without issues.

When you’re not blocked on ChatApp, you can send messages to your friends without any limits. This is a great way of communicating with them and staying in touch. However, there are some limitations that we need to be aware of.

How it appears once you have been blocked on ChatApp

ChatApp is a popular messaging application that is used by millions of people around the world. It provides users with an easy way to send messages, share photos and videos, and connect with friends and family. However, it is not always easy to reach your recipients because they may be blocked on ChatApp.

When you are blocked on ChatApp, you cannot see the sender’s profile picture or name on your chat list. You can only see their phone number on the list of blocked contacts. If someone has blocked you on ChatApp, it might be for one of the following reasons:

  • They have decided not to talk to you again;
  • You have sent them an inappropriate message;
  • They have reported you for spamming or harassment; or
  • They have reported you for being too persistent in your messages


Blocking someone on ChatApp is a great way to maintain privacy and avoid unnecessary conversations. However, it’s tricky to know when you should block someone and when you should unblock them. If you’re concerned that your messages are getting too personal or private for your liking, blocking the person could be an option for you.

Blocking someone on ChatApp is a great way to stay away from toxic friends and avoid unnecessary drama. One benefit of blocking someone on ChatApp is that you can easily see who has been messaging you without having to open the app all the time. This makes it easy for you to decide whether or not to reply.


What happens when you block someone on ChatApp?

When you block someone on ChatApp, you don’t see their messages and notifications anymore. The person that you have blocked can still see your profile and all the conversations that you have had with them. They also won’t be able to send you a message, but they will see your profile and read all the messages that you have sent them.

How do I block a ChatApp contact?

If you want to block someone on ChatApp, there are two ways that you can do it.

  1. Open the chat and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Open ChatApp’s Settings menu, tap Account > Privacy > Blocking > Block contact

Am I blocked if I can still see the profile picture?

The answer is no. If you are blocked, you are not allowed to see the profile pictures of the people who have blocked you.