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Telegram Photos Not Showing In Gallery

Your Telegram Not Saving Images In Gallery: 7 Ways To Fix It


Why Telegram Photos Not Showing Gallery

Although Telegram is a better alternative to ChatApp, it doesn’t work as expected all the time. For example, Telegram sometimes does not automatically save the media files you receive while chatting in your phone gallery app.

In this article, we will detail some methods that might correct this challenge, which is quite widespread.

Why is the Gallery Not Showing Pictures?

For the absence of pictures in your Android gallery. Below are the top two reasons that can be held accountable for the occurrence of this issue.

The images are saved as a .nomedia file.

When the media scanner detects a .nomedia file in the Android operating system, it will not scan that file or folder, so the pictures in that folder are not displayed in the smartphone’s gallery. A .nomedia file is a blank file within a folder with the extension “.nomedia.”

To prevent images within a particular folder from being displayed in the device’s gallery, users can place them in a folder. Alternatively, if some images cannot be viewed by the gallery app, make sure they are placed in the No media folder and are not scanned by the media scanner.

The caches cause the issue.

Cache memory is created every time you download or click an image on your smartphone. This results in a tiny amount of memory being created. In the long run, however, it can become overwhelming if not properly maintained. Over time, these accumulated memories accumulate into an enormous amount of cache trash, consuming a huge amount of memory on your phone.

Additionally, caches can also result in some problems, such as the one discussed here. As a result, the cache may be why you complain about images not appearing in the Android gallery.

What to Do If Android Gallery Doesn’t Show Pictures?


Android Gallery Doesn't Show Pictures

The following are some solutions that might help resolve ‌downloaded pictures not showing up in your gallery now that you know why.

1. Enable “Save to Gallery.”

Telegram’s mobile app doesn’t automatically save incoming photos and videos, so you may have to activate it manually from the desktop app. To ensure that all pictures you receive via chat will automatically appear in your Gallery app, you need to enable this option on your device if you have just installed the app. The steps below apply to both Android and iOS versions of Telegram.

2. Grant Storage Permission (Android)

It might also be helpful for you to check that the Telegram app has storage permissions. Depending on your Android version, you might need to grant “Files and media” permission instead. Click the app icon for Telegram on your phone and long-press it. In the pop-up window, tap “Info” or “App info”. Select “Permissions.”

You will need to tap on “Storage” to enable the option if you’re running an older version of Android (the device in the screenshots runs Android 7.0). You can also check whether “Allow access to media only” is checked under “Permissions” if you’re running Android 11 or 12. If it’s not, activate it.

3. Enable the Option to Auto-Download Media

Whenever you switch between Wi-Fi and data, it’s important to activate the “Enable auto-download media” option to keep your photos and videos from slipping through the cracks. The following instructions apply to both Android and iOS devices.

  1. Open the Telegram app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Press“Data and Storage.”
  5. Toggle on the “When using mobile data” option if it’s not enabled. The “When connected on Wi-Fi” feature should be on, but if not, make sure to activate it.

4. Update the App

There might be a bug causing photos and videos to not appear in your gallery, so your app needs to be updated. Look for the “Update” button under the app’s listing in the Google Play Store. The app will run the latest version if it is not there and if it says “Open” instead. iOS users can update their apps from the App Store if an update is available.

Be sure to check back for updates if the problem persists. The problem is quite common, so if the most recent update does not resolve it, the next one might (assuming that it isn’t caused by the other factors described above).

5. Restart Your Phone

Just for good measure, you can also try restarting your phone after you’ve updated the app. If you do this, your phone’s memory will be flushed, and any errors preventing Telegram from automatically saving your pics will be resolved. If you want to restart your device, simply press the power button until a bunch of options appear. Select “Restart.”

6. Check Telegram Servers

We suggest you check Telegram servers if the option does not function properly. There might be a problem with the app that is causing it to behave this way. Simply go to a website like Downdetector and search for Telegram. Check out the Telegram outages report graphic. There’s nothing wrong with your end, and Telegram will fix it as soon as possible if your usage is through the roof.

7. Save Photos and Other Media Manually

Sometimes, you might have no choice but to manually save your photos or videos from the app if everything else has failed. The following steps will show you how to do it on a mobile device.

Does Telegram for desktop automatically save images?

This should allow the Telegram desktop to save images you’ve received to the “Downloads” folder. However, if this doesn’t work, ‌simply click on any images you’ve received and then hit the “Save” icon in the lower right corner of the display. This will automatically save the picture to “Downloads.”

If you wish to change the folder where you save the images, simply click on the three dots (also in the lower right corner) and select “Save as.” With this feature enabled, it’s easier to track all your important conversations and memories!

Will Telegram delete media from the cloud chats that I haven’t accessed in a while?

The ability to customise how long Telegram stores media from cloud chats is useful for those who want to ensure their devices don’t become cluttered with old files they no longer need. It’s also helpful for those concerned about privacy as it gives them more control over what data is stored on their device.

With Telegram’s customisable storage settings, users can rest assured that their data will be kept safe and secure without taking up too much space on their devices.


Telegram for desktop is a great way to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues. It offers a variety of features that make it easy to stay connected. One of these features is the ability to save images you receive in chats automatically.

By default, Telegram is set to store pictures/videos you’ve received via cloud chats indefinitely. This means that even if you haven’t accessed the media in a while, it will remain stored in the cloud chat.


Why are Telegram pics not showing in the gallery?

If photos and videos aren’t showing up in your gallery, it might be because of a bug, so your app needs to be updated. Go to the Google Play Store, search for the app and see if you can spot an “Update” button underneath.

Where are Telegram photos stored on Android?

When a file containing an image is sent or received, Telegram Messenger creates several copies of it that differ from each other in their size and stores them either in the Telegram Images sub-folder of the media folder or in the cache folder.

Why can’t I find Telegram files on my phone?

The contents of this folder can’t be displayed here due to some Android 11 restrictions. You have to click on the view in files option. Now You have to select Android device, then data after that org.