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Updating Telegram

Updating Telegram on Android, iOS, and Computer


Telegram messenger has grown incredibly popular over the past seven years. Its popularity is because of Telegram’s highly developed functionality and the political scandals surrounding it.

The development team aims to give the messenger new, distinctive features with each new edition. And the most recent version of the app needs to be set up on your smartphone to take benefit of the new Telegram chips.

This article explains how to update the Telegram app on different devices and how to fix any update-related issues you may run into.

Why Update Telegram?

You may wonder, “Why update Telegram if I’m happy with how it functions now? Installing updates as soon as they are available is crucial because each update improves:

  • Swiftness and stability of the message. Telegram’s operations get faster and more stable with each upgrade, and other speed bugs are also fixed.
  • Interoperability of operating systems and applications. The operating systems on users’ devices are also upgraded. Thus there may occasionally be issues with the Telegram application’s compatibility with the operating system’s features. With the help of Telegram updates, the developers resolve this issue.
  • Safety. It is well known that hackers find the Telegram messenger a delectable dish. The messenger’s security is a top priority. They regularly patch potential vulnerabilities.
  • Functionality. The Telegram development team enhances the messenger’s usefulness by adding several practical features every month. As an illustration, the upcoming upgrade brought about the long-awaited breakthrough of video calling.

How to Update Telegram On Your Phone


Update Telegram

The application will update itself if you have an Internet connection if the automatic Telegram update feature is enabled in the operating system settings of your device or PC.

If not, you’ll have to perform a manual update. Below, we’ll describe how to do this.


The latest iterations of Android OS typically have automatic upgrading enabled by default. Sometimes this feature is set up with restrictions; for instance, only when your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network can apps be updated automatically. Such limitations are implemented to conserve mobile traffic and stop irrational MB usage.

Changing Telegram on Android:

  1. Launch the Play Market program.
  2. Swipe from left to right or click the “menu” symbol (three horizontal stripes).
  3. Select “My Apps and Games” from the menu.
  4. Select the “Update” button after locating the Telegram program.


  • It is necessary to upgrade Telegram from the app store if you use an iPhone. The sequence of events ‌is as follows.
  • Launch the App Store from the home screen. It appears to be a white A on a blue square icon.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the Updates tab. A down arrow icon is present. A list of installed programs for which updates are available will appear when you click on it.
  • Find Telegram in the list of apps by scrolling down. Select “Update” from the menu. You can use the updated version of Telegram a few minutes after the update process begins.

Windows Phone

Users of Windows Phone can update Telegram using a similar process.

The app store icon on a Windows Phone will be like this if updates are available:

  • The icon’s number represents the number of applications that require updating. An application update list will appear when you click the button. Click the Update All button located at the bottom of the screen.
  • The downloading and installation of updates will then begin. Once it’s finished, you can use the updated Telegram version on your Windows Phone.

How to Update Telegram on a Computer

On all operating systems, the desktop version of Telegram has the same interface. As a result, updating the messenger won’t be challenging, but there may be some differences depending on how you installed Telegram.

Updating the Executable File

The update process is essentially the same whether you got the package from the official Telegram website and installed it on Windows, macOS, or Linux:

  1. By selecting the menu icon, you can expand the side menu (three horizontal stripes).
  2. Go to the “Advanced” section of the “Settings” menu.
  3. To find Version & Updates, scroll down.
  4. Select “Check for Updates” from the menu. After clicking, the update will download automatically, and the program will request your consent to restart. You’ll get a notification about Telegram’s new release and its advantages after the restart.

Update Via Store

You must carry out the following steps to install the update if you use macOS and download Telegram from the AppStore:

  1. Start the AppStore, then select the Updates tab.
  2. Locate Telegram in the list of programs that appears, and then click the “Update” button (it is located opposite the name).

Once the upgrade procedure is complete, you can start Telegram and utilise the most recent version.

Updating Via the Package Manager

Utilising the Snap and Flatpak package managers, many Linux users (Ubuntu, Mint, and Debian) may install Telegram. As a result, Telegram will also need to be updated using a batch messenger. This is executed easily:

  • You can update Telegram if you installed it using Snap management by entering the command sudo snap update telegram-desktop in the terminal;
  • You must enter the command sudo flatpak update org.telegram.desktop in the terminal if Telegram was installed using the Flatpak manager;

The most recent Telegram version will be installed on your computer after the update procedure is finished.

Update Problems

You should get a notification on your Telegram account that the application has been updated following a successful update on any device. This email will also include details on the new features that have been added to the most recent Telegram release.

However, there are situations when updates are not installed, for instance, when the update procedure was successful. Still, the updates did not take effect when the application started functioning erroneously. These issues could occur when the latest messenger version conflicts with outdated system files. To deal with such issues, try the following techniques:

  • Restarting the application (you must leave and then re-enter the application);
  • Deleting the program and installing it again;
  • Telegram technical assistance can be contacted.


With many useful features, Telegram is a superb platform for instant chatting. If the update is not installed, the app can malfunction. You don’t need to worry. From the App Store or Play Store, you may upgrade the Telegram app. These techniques are described above in this article.


Do I need to update the Telegram on my browser?

Not at all, no. Every time you open Telegram using your browser, it automatically updates itself. This is because the platform is cloud-based.

Why is my Telegram not updating?

There are various causes for your Telegram not to update. It can result from a shaky network connection or a full phone line.

What can I do if my Telegram refuses to install updates?

Try restarting Telegram if there’s a problem between the new and old versions. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your smartphone. This should instantly install the most recent version on your device. Get in touch with Telegram technical support if this issue continues.